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 City Manager's Office

The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the City of Progress. The position is responsible for planning, directing, supervising, coordinating and controlling all municipal operations as approved and/or directed by the City Council.

The City Manager prepares agendas for City Council meetings and provides information to Council regarding the agenda items.

The City Manager's responsibilities include supervising various aspects of municipal operations, investigating and reporting on all matters referred by City Council. The City Manager is responsible for submitting the annual report and capital improvements program to the City Council for review.

The City Manager is responsible for coordination of all city-wide management and operational matters.

The City Manager is the direct supervisor of all department heads and through them, all city employees, except those employees appointed directly by City Council.

The City Manager is appointed by and is responsible to the City Council. Progress' City Manager is Eddie Ramstein.

The City Manager's office is located at City Hall, 123 Main Street, and can be reached by telephoning (972) 555-6301 or sending an e-mail to .

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